A Map of all my Blog Posts

The problem with a blog is that Posts are ordered in the time order in which they are created, along with the categories assigned to each Post. This does not show the geographic spread of locations covered in each of the blog posts, and London just cries out to be seen visually whether through photos or a map so the way in which individual areas contribute to what could be defined as Greater London can be identified.

Maps have always interested me, my blog makes much use of Bartholomew’s Greater London Street Atlas from 1940 as this shows the streets of London as they were prior to the considerable development of the post war period.

I have been looking to build an interactive map of my Posts, identifying the locations across London I have covered and the photos taken at each location.

The map below is a OpenStreetMap map with markers at the location of each of my main posts. You can move, zoom in and out and clicking on a marker will bring up the post reference and the option by clicking on “More Details” to go direct to the main post.

(Have fixed a technical fault with the map, I am rebuilding so markers will gradually be added)

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I will add location markers for each Post as the blog develops to build a geographic representation of my London history.

test map above